Shaggydog Feat Iwa K Putra Nusantara

Shaggydog Feat. Iwa. K - Putra Nusantara  (Official Video)

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Name:Shaggydog Feat. Iwa. K - Putra Nusantara (Official Video)
Date:17 August 2016
Dis Like:93
Type:Youtube to Mp3

* Kebon Studio
* Director : Sidharta Tata
* Story by : Heruwa, Yoyo & Sidharta Tata
* Producer : Ignatius Dimas Yulianto
* Executive producer : Shaggydog & Doggyhouse Records
* Director of photography : Satria Kurnianto
* Art director : Ari Bima Teja
* Line producer : Ganesya "Afgandoz"
* Color artist : Kern Syena
* Wardrobe : Titin Saputri
* Album available now on :

iTunes :

Spotify :


Shaggy Dog was formed in Sayidan, a small neighbourhood on the banks of a suburban river which flows through the heart of Yogyakarta, a quiet and regal city. On the 1st of June 1997, Shaggy Dog consisted of a couple of fun partners: Heru, Richard, Raymond, Bandizt, Lilik and Yoyo’ all of which agreed upon creating their very own special brew of song, ‘Doggy Style’: a mix of ska, reggae, jazz, swing and rock. Vibes from The Cherry Poppin Daddies, Hepcat, Bob Marley, Long Beach Dub Allstars to name a few, along with the ups and downs of daily life, colour the Dog’s sound.


- Shaggydog (1999)
- Bersama (2001)
- Hot Dogz (2003)
- Kembali Berdansa (2006)
- Bersinar (2009)
- Putra Nusantara (2016)

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Doggy House:
Jalan Nogosari No. 1B Patehan, Kraton, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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